• Stained Glass Art for Commercial Places

    The use of stained glass art in workplaces has become commonplace. Offices, complexes and retail outlets make use of this creative art form on a large scale. The glass windows and doors of workplaces get a new life and look appealing with the classic stained glass designs or the modern abstract art.

    The glass art in Vancouver offers colors, style and an appeal to the interior and exterior décor of the place. It also helps in highlighting the corporate name and logo of the company by using it as a stained glass art. The director’s cabin is also decorated with beautiful stained glass art on the main entrance door; glass cabin style is also very popular, use of stained glass windows with beautiful blinds also looks stylish.

    The most common styles used in stained glass designs for commercial places are abstract, modern art and company logo. The use of abstract or modern art is popular form its universal effect and for its impartiality. They appeal to one and all and do not require much of an understanding. They add to the overall décor of a room or a workplace.

    The use of business logo or theme is slowly catching up in the corporate sector. The use of a company logo, say the rising sun or crescent can be easily used as a stained glass art on main entrance doors, glass windows, meeting room tables, cabin glasses and much more.