• How to Keep Your Stained Glass Clean

    Stained glass windows look beautiful and even add to the décor of the house. However, it is important to take proper care of your window glass. If you continue ignoring the maintenance work of your glass, then it starts looking dirty and the colour also starts fading away due to dirt and oxidation. Therefore, you must know how to keep your stained glass perfectly clean along with the precautions you have to take while cleaning them.

    You should not use any glass cleaning solution to clean your window glass. Normal cleanser that you use to clean other type of glass surfaces contains chemical that can ruin the colour and design of your stained glass. Therefore, it is advised that you should use non ammonia based cleaners for the purpose of cleaning coloured surface.

    When your window glass is too old and you have neglected its cleaning work, its paint and the colour dries up and cleaning it with any type of solution is harmful. In this case you must acquire assistance of the professionals. While cleaning the stained glass you must also take proper care of your health and that of your children and people of the surroundings.

    Generally, lead is used to join different parts of the design in the windows and when you are cleaning the window with some chemical, you can suffer from lead poising. Therefore, it is suggested that you should wear gloves while cleaning, even better if you employ services of a professional stained glass window expert for the purpose of cleaning the window glass.