• How Do Experts Repair Stained Glass?

    Other than creating beautiful stained glass designs and styles based doors and windows, repair is also an important creation of glass art. The stained glass artists follow some useful steps to repair the broken window panes. Such steps are:

    Pressure on glass

    The experts work with the consideration to not put much pressure on the glass while doing repairs. They use a wood clamp and also tighten it carefully to avoid any kind of pressure on the glass. Additional reinforcements are supported by using two clamps on each side.

    Copper foil usage

    Another step of repairs is they use copper foil along the glass so that extra lead line can be made to cut the glass properly. And a utility knife is used to cut the glass according to repair needs. Adding to it, a small copper piece is placed on each side of the glass panel to add additional strength.

    Flux and solder

    Another stained glass repair step is the use of flux for the preparation of solder. Two ends are soldered fist followed by the whole piece. And after it is soldered, the glass panel is cleaned properly.